Movie News: And the New Director of THOR 2 is...

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Movie News

After much deliberation, Marvel Studios has finally decided who will helm THOR 2, and it's *drum roll* TV director Alan Taylor!!! 

Hmm. We're sensing a distinct lack of high-fiving going on amongst you readers right now...

GAME OF THRONES director Taylor beat out stiff competition from fellow GAME OF THRONES helmer Daniel Minaha, who was also in the running after Patty Jenkins was brought in to replace previous candidate Brian Kirk. Director of, you guessed it, GAME OF THRONES. (We know that there are obvious, but tenuous links between the fantasy worlds of THOR and THRONES but does anybody else sense Marvel are being a little shortsighted in their choices here?!) 

We won't start banging on about it again here, but if you won't our real opinion on why they'd be chasing up low-profile directors for such a high-profile picture, read our previous THOR coverage here.

In related news, it has also transpired that the "creative differences" that saw Jenkins walk away from the project was actually code for "she got sh*t-canned". Exact reasons for her sudden dismissal are still unclear, but sources at THR paint quite an ugly picture, with the parting of ways as far from ‘amicable’ as can be. Despite this, Jenkins refuses to speak ill of the studio, insisting only that the decision was by no means ‘gender-based’, (that being the world on the street and all). One person who isn’t so concerned about upsetting the notoriously prickly studio is star Natalie Portman, who is reportedly furious at their actions. Portman is said to have been implemental in persuading Marvel to take a chance and hire the MONSTER director in the first place (she probably hid their GAME OF THRONES box set for a few days) which would have seen the first female director to helm a major comic book property.

Unhappy as she may be, Portman is of course contractually obliged to shoot the movie regardless of who’s in the director’s chair. But don’t expect Jane Foster to play much of a pivotal role beyond this sequel.

THOR 2 hits November 15th 2013.

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