THE PURGE to Continue as a TV Series?

Written by Andrew Pollard Sunday, 02 October 2016

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With The Purge: Election Year in cinemas earlier this year, many have been wondering what the future of the franchise holds going forward. Well, we recently caught up with James DeMonaco, writer and director of all three Purge movies to date, to discuss the franchise potentially moving to the small screen.

On where the successful series could go next, DeMonaco revealed that there’s actually talks to turn the franchise into a TV series in order to explore how the very concept of ‘Purge Night’ came about in the first place.

He told us, “I want to do, in all honesty, truth be told, they want to do Part 4, they wanna do a TV show. They’ve asked me to come and be involved, obviously. I don’t think I’m gonna direct. To me, the best place to go with Part 4, and if they allow me, what I’d like to explore even without directing, just potentially writing or just producing, would be going back and seeing how it all started. I think it would be great, instead of continuing forward, it would be nice to go back and see the inception, to see the first Purge. I think it would be cool to go there. That’s where I would like to go. They haven’t said okay to that, but that will be my pitch to them.”

On the benefit of taking the franchise to the small screen, DeMonaco elaborated, “I think what TV would allow, it would allow us to explore. I would do a flashback structure potentially to see why people commit crimes on these evenings. If you go into the personal tales of vengeance, it might be something interesting to do if you’re exploring that in a very in-depth way that you can’t do in a 2-hour film. But you can do that in a ten-part TV show, you can go back in time a little and see the seeds of hatred or anger between a husband and a wife who are maybe going to turn against each other on Purge Night. It’s the actual details of a relationship that we could never really do in a film, as a film is more the events of the evening. I think that would allow for us to explore, to explore the seeds of all that.”

The Purge: Election Year hits Blu-ray and DVD in the UK on December 26th, and, as ever, expect more on all of this as and when it develops.


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