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Written by Chris Holt Saturday, 17 December 2011

Movie News

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Colin Firth had been offered the villain role in Spike Lee’s planned OLDBOY remake. Firth has since passed on the role leaving it up for grabs. Now they are talking about further offers to actors for the role as well as casting the female lead. 

Lee’s INSIDE MAN villain; Clive Owen has now been offered the role of the person who sets Josh Brolin off on his week long quest for vengeance after keeping him locked up for fifteen years. No word on whether Owen has accepted the offer yet but the man probably needs a meaty role after being in a string of flops. If the villainous character is anything like the one portrayed in the South Korean original then they need a solid actor who can do menace as well as tragedy so Owen would be a good fit.

For the female lead, after current flavour of the month Rooney Mara passed on the role an offer has now gone out to the none more bland Mia Wasikowska. Interestingly Wasikowska just finished shooting on original OLDBOY director Park Chan Wook’s first English language movie STOKER which also once had Colin Firth in the cast. Maybe STOKER will be the first film where Wasikowska truly impresses with a performance instead of just sort of floating there.

Spike Lee’s OLDBOY should still begin shooting in early 2012 as long as they can get these pesky casting issues sorted.

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