Movie News: Marvel Continue Search For Their THOR 2 Director, First Candidates Revealed...

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 12 December 2011

Movie News

As we recently reported (here), Marvel Studios have lost their THOR 2 director Patty Jenkins due to “creative differences” (yep, that old chestnut) and are now in the process of finding her replacement. Now the first two names to be thrown into the ring have been announced, and neither are particularly inspiring…

That’s not to knock the work of Alan Taylor and Daniel Minaha. Both are veterans of regarded TV series such as TRUE BLOOD, GAME OF THRONES, DEADWOOD and LOST, but as we know the medium is wildly different to film. TV is a writers’ medium first and foremost, movies the director. A director working on a TV series must adhere to a dictated aesthetic, and this might be a clue as to why Marvel Studios are looking to TV to recruit their filmmakers.

Jon Favreau famously clashed with his Marvel overlords on IRON MAN 2, resulting in a compromised film and the director opting out of the franchise. Edward Norton also butted heads with them over the final cut of THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Now Jenkins.

Would a TV director be more susceptive to carrying out Marvel’s will unquestioned? Most probably yes. Oh, and they’re also dirt cheap in comparison, and that can’t hurt in these budget conscious times (THOR cost a cool $150m for some inexplicable reason).

Seems we can put our fantasy director wish list to bed for now.

We’ll have more on this as it develops…

THOR 2 is scheduled to hit November 13th 2013, but we'll see the character in action much sooner in next year's THE AVENGERS (released April 27th).

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