Movie News: Animated Cyberpunk Short ROSA to Become Full Feature

Written by Chris Holt Sunday, 11 December 2011

Movie News

A few weeks back the internet was all a buzz with regards to an animated cyberpunk short called ROSA. Whilst the film was undeniably visually stunning, it was derivative of about fifteen other titles, but there's no question director Jesus Orellana has some skill. The film's story concerns a world where humanity has disappeared and ROSA, a robot awakens as part of the Kernel project to restore the devastated environment. Trouble is ROSA is not the only part of Kernel that has re-awakened.

Due to the acclaim the short received, Jesus Orellana gained industry representation and cred so it’s understandable that people would be clucking to turn ROSA into a full length feature. This was Orellana’s plan all along so more power to him. 20th Century Fox have now picked up the pitch for the full length version of the story.

Although the story is all Orellana’s, the actual screenplay will be crafted by another writer for the time being. SHERLOCK HOLMES and X-MEN 3 writer Simon Kinberg has been brought on board to produce the film. No word yet if this will be fully CG animation or if there will be a live action element in play. 

If you haven’t seen the short yet then it’s well worth a look if you can track it down. You can see the trailer for the short here:

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