Movie News: Mckellen & Dench Sign On For Brit-based Zombie Flick!

PDF | Print | E-mail Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 19 May 2011

Movie News

Thought JESUS HATES ZOMBIES was going to be the craziest movie title you heard this week? Think again! For pre-production has just started on British period-based zombie flick THE CURSE OF THE BUXOM STRUMPET.

Told ya!

The film has already bagged Ian Mckellen, Gillian Anderson and Dame Judi Dench for roles, and tells the tale of a seaside town in the 1700’s that has to deal with an undead epidemic.

The project is based on an earlier short by director Matthew Butler called E’GAD ZOMBIES! (which you can watch the trailer for here) who is currently at Cannes in negations to secure a $2,000,000 budget. Shouldn’t be a problem considering that title and the talent already on board.

THE CURSE OF THE BUXOM STRUMPET faces ‘stiff’ competition from the similar in tone, but much higher profile PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES (also in pre-pro), so let’s hope Butler ups his game considerably… e’gad, that trailer was naff.

Zombies. Vampires. We can’t move for either of them at the moment, can we!  But which are the best? Discuss. 

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+1 #3 vuk 2011-05-20 00:40
I'm all for it :)
0 #2 jim 2011-05-19 18:29
Quoting El_Diablo_Robot ico:
Looks crap.

Looks like mindless fun to me, not always a bad thing.
0 #1 Kris Heys 2011-05-19 18:16
Looks crap.

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