Sony Planning SILVER SABLE Movie

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 27 June 2016

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Remember the Sony leak of a few years ago? Amongst the confidential information that was leaked out during that time, one particular piece of info that came out was that a Silver Sable movie was being planned. Well apparently that movie is still moving forward.

If you remember back, before Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was even released, a whole host of films were announced. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 were to continue the journey of Andrew Garfield’s Wallcrawler, while spin-offs were announced in the form of Venom and The Sinister Six. Depending on which camp you were in, the decision to announce all of these films before ASM2 even hit cinemas was either a) a logical one that showed a sense of great planning, or b) a case of jumping the gun and Sony getting ahead of themselves. Either way, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a huge disappointment for both fans and critics alike, with too much time spent on setting up what was to come, meaning that the events of the actual film itself felt like an afterthought that was lost in amongst the constant setup work that was forced down the audience’s throats.

When it was announced that a new Spidey would debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of a deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, it seemed that all pre-existing Sony plans for ol’ Webhead were called off. That meant no ASM3, ASM 4, Venom or The Sinister Six, and the leaked reveal of plans for a Silver Sable-based film were also believed to have been scrapped. Apparently not, though.

According to Jeff Sneider on Meet the Movie Press, Sony still has plans to bring Silver Sable to the big screen and has brought in Shame and Suffragette’s Abi Morgan to pen a screenplay for just such an outing.

For those not familiar with the character, Silver Sable is someone who often verges on the edge of right and wrong. In the simplest explanation, she is a bit like certain depictions of Black Widow, being a mercenary for hire who often butts heads with or teams up with Spider-Man. The current plan is for this film to be put out by Sony Pictures as part of their expanded Spider-Man world, which means that the character will exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by proxy although she will seemingly be handled solely by Sony.

There have been recent stories that suggest Sony still has plans to put out more films based in the Spidey realm, with efforts such as Venom and The Sinister Six still a possibility. The deal between Sony and Marvel Studios is reportedly just for Spider-Man: Homecoming and any straight-up Wallcrawler films, so something like a Silver Sable film would give Sony more control. Whether Silver Sable is worthy of her own film at this stage, that’s certainly open to debate.

Up next for Tom Holland’s Spidey is Spider-Man: Homecoming, to be directed by Cop Car’s Jon Watts and to be released on July 7th, 2017.


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