Movie News: Warner Bros Find New Director To Bring Us THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 08 December 2011

Movie News

With Steven Soderbergh recently giving up on his long in development reboot of the cult TV show (read our previous story here) many, included ourselves, figured the project dead in the water.

We were wrong. Seems that the brothers Warner weren't keen on giving up on their investment and are now in talks with another filmmaker to take over the property. Though we predict a few of you might take an issue with Soderbergh's potential replacement...

Step forward Guy Ritchie.

Together with his producing partner Lionel Wigram, they are looking to bring screenwriter Scott Z. Burns' (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM) re-imagining of Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin's adventures with an eye to birth a new big screen franchise.

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been much of a Ritchie fan, but even I can't argue that he did wonders with SHERLOCK HOLMES (and GAME OF SHADOWS looks fantastic). With the director concentrating on delivering his unarguably strong visual style and not having to worry about coming up with Macguffins for gangsters to chase after, this could be something special.

But given the trouble Soderbergh had finding his leads, will this new producing duo fair any differently?

We look forward to finding out...

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