Movie News: Morten Tyldum to Direct WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MONDAY?

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 08 December 2011

Movie News

The movie HEADHUNTERS has made some waves at the film festivals in which it played this year. Based on the crime novel by Jo Nesbo, the film has become the most successful film of all time in Norway. We finally get to see it ourselves in April 2012 but in the meantime the film's director Morten Tyldum has been lining up his English language directorial follow up...

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MONDAY? Take place in a futuristic dystopia and concerns septuplet brothers on the lam in a society where having more than one child is illegal. Just to add an extra dash of weirdness the brothers are all named after days of the week.

The screenplay by Max Botkin made the ‘Black List’, an annual list circulated in Hollywood of all the best screenplays that are currently not in production. Max Botkin previously wrote, erm…. a Pauly Shore movie called OPPOSITE DAY! And has a movie of toy ROBOSAPIEN in post production.

Big time producer Raffaella De Laurentiis will produce the film through her Raffaella Productions. Without seeing HEADHUNTERS I can’t say if this is good news or not. The film definitely has a lot of buzz around it and this project sounds weird enough to seem like it won’t be a case of Hollywood diluting a talented European director. Check back with me in April and I'll likely have a more formed opinion.

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