Movie News: Bay to “Bring The Rain” Once More for TRANSFORMERS 4?

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 07 December 2011

Movie News

After stating repeatedly that TRANSFORMERS 3 was his last in the director’s chair, Michael Bay is reportedly circling a deal to return for a fourth...

Despite many news sources calling it a done deal, Bay himself has since issued a response on his official site saying otherwise. Although reading between the lines…

"Right now I'm not decided on Transformers 4. Studio's are passing rumors but I'm not sure what I'm doing? I know I'm going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that's it for right now. I'm leaving all my options on the table. I've got several Studio meetings in the next two weeks."

So in just a few short weeks the director has gone from ‘no frickin’ way’, to ‘yeah, possibly’. Why the change of heart, Michael? Is it simply a case of holding out for some extra Benjamins come negotiation time? It’s a pretty common tactic amongst A-listers (before contracts determined that they sign up for a full franchise way in advance). If ‘the talent’ is seen to be willing to return out of sheer love for the movie, then why would a studio up their pay cheque? But since Bay is swimming in money anyway, perhaps these behind the scenes hardball tactics are an end game to get some smaller, passion projects greenlit by the studio. A ‘I’ll do one for you, one for me’ type deal. The aforementioned PAIN AND GAIN, a project Bay’s been nurturing for a while now, tells the much lower key true-life story of a pair of bodybuilders getting caught up in a kidnapping plot. Certainly sounds like a ‘one for me’ movie (though he’ll no doubt find a way to get a car chase in there somewhere).

While it would have been interesting to see somebody else’s take on the TRANSFORMERS franchise, we actually really enjoyed DARK OF THE MOON (despite its numerous faults) and would happily root for Bay to improve on it with a fourth. We think a lot of the larger faults with these movies lie in their screenplays, and not with Bay himself. Yeah, we’re looking at you Ehren Kruger.

Expect an announcement very soon. But if we had to put a bet on it, we’d say Bay’s a shoe-in to return.

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