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Written by John Knott Tuesday, 14 June 2016

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You may remember last year’s sci-fi web series Horizon. It involved the low-budget but highly convincing trashing of Bristol by huge spaceships, more unanswered questions than you can wave a question mark at and one of the most intriguing cliff-hanger endings you’re likely to come across. It’s still here if you missed it. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it garnered a few awards and enough interest for the team to start crowd funding for the sequel. As you were almost certainly wondering what on Earth was going on you’ll also be pleased to know that they plan to conclude the story with all those questions being answered. And believe us, that’s a lot of answers for your money.

That mysterious figure from the closing scene (pictured) will feature prominently along with rather a lot of Bristol’s history which explains why planned locations include Bristol Museum and Clifton Rocks Railway. We strongly suspect some of those places are toast.

Production team Paul Dudbridge, Simon Pearce, and Chris Marshfield promise that funding perks include appearing in the show, having a character named after you and getting a personalised thank-you video from a particular character during a scene. We’re not sure how that last one works so there’s only one way to find out. Funding website is igg.me/at/horizon2

We’ve just got one request to make: Look, guys, don’t trash the museum. This writer went there with his mum when he was a kid and still takes his own son there. The museum is sacred. Take out Cabot Circus instead, it’s rubbish. We can tell you’re not listening. You’re going to blow up the museum, aren’t you? Alright, just leave the Megaloceros giganteus skeleton and the Bristol Boxkite then. How about the café? In the name of H. G. Wells, please just leave us the café...


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