Movie News: Luc Besson Returns to Sci-Fi with LOCKOUT, First Trailer Gets a Release

Written by Kris Heys Monday, 05 December 2011

Movie News

Ok, so THE FIFTH ELEMENT director is only on writing/producing duties on this one, but it’s nice to see him take a break from those uninspired action movies he’s been churning out of late (the TRANSPORTER franchise, TAKEN, COLUMBIANA, PARIS WITH LOVE, and so on and so forth).

LOCKOUT* stars the excellent Guy Pierce (MEMENTO) as a bloke offered the chance to skip some serious jail time (for a crime he didn’t commit, natch), if he accepts a perilous mission to rescue the President’s daughter (LOST’s Maggie Grace) from a viscous space prison. (Erm, not to be buzzkills about it, but isn’t that pretty much the exact same plot of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, Mr. Besson?). Similarities aside, this newly released teaser trailer still looks plenty enticing! Check it out and let us know what you think… 

(Errrrm. Again, not to be sticklers but... anybody get a Joe Hallenbeck vibe there? "Touch me again...", etc.)

First time filmmakers James Mather & Stephen St. Leger direct for Besson’s Europa production label.

LOCKOUT gets its release April 2012.

*Not a sequel to the 1989 Stallone prison flick LOCK UP. We checked.

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