Movie News: Official PROMETHEUS Pics Hit + Fox Address Leaked Trailer

Written by Animal Johns Thursday, 01 December 2011

Movie News

While many of these were previewed last week in US publication Entertainment Weekly (and every movie website shortly after), it's nice to see them in their full glory and clean of blurb. We'll catch up with you after the pics for a few related words from 20th Century Fox head honcho Tom Rothman.



Incredible stuff. But (yes, we have a but) we have to ask... what's with Fassbender's head in that second shot? It looks like it's been photoshopped by Michael Scott. 

Anyway, so what's this about Tom Rothman we hear you ask. Well, the Fox CEO was recently grilled as to his thoughts about that atrociously poor quality trailer leak that hit the internet last week (even we refrained from reporting on it due to its rubbishness!). Here's what he had to say:

"It's heartbreakingly unfair, because... the quality of the visuals is as spectacularly beautiful, shot in 3-D compositionally the way only a master could do it. For some early, early, early, early half-baked, half-assed test to leak, it's so unfair. I will promise you this: When that material is ready and it comes out, you should go see it in 3-D on a screen. It will deliver."

We promise you Tom, we'll be there with bells on.

Rothman also addressed the notion of PROMETHEUS being touted as an ALIEN prequel:

"I think it does it a great disservice. I will tell you, here's the way to think about it. If you looked at the whole movie, 95 percent of it is entirely unto itself. Ridley said it right: If you're a fan and you look closely, you'll spot strands of DNA. I'll tell you the great thing: It's way bigger than that. The ideas are way bigger, way more original and — it's a scary word — way more profound.

All will be revealed when PROMETHEUS debuts June 1st 2012.

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