Movie News: Alice Eve in Talks to Join JJ & Crew for STAR TREK 2

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Movie News

Much to the relief of fans, J.J. Abrams' eagerly awaited STAR TREK sequel was officially granted its release date just last week, and with shooting set to begin in January next year we can all sit back and prepare to be inundated with an abundance of plot leaks, casting rumours and spoilerific pics for many months to come...

Today’s news concerns several major new characters set to be introduced into the canon, and word is that rising British actress Alice Eve is in talks to fill one of the roles (with the previously reported Benicio Del Toro still thought to be another). 

Eve will be familiar with lovers of crappy rom-coms (SEX AND THE CITY 2 and SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE anyone?...), though she has displayed much promise in earlier roles such as BIG NOTHING and STARTER FOR 10. She will soon be seen in the upcoming time travel centric MEN IN BLACK III playing a younger version of Emma Thompson's Agent Oh. Still can’t place her? Here’s a pic…


As the character is new to the universe it's probably pointless trying to speculate who (or what) Eve will be portraying, but rest assured we'll have more on this as it develops...

STAR TREK 2 will beam into our cinemas on May 17th 2013.

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