New Stephen King Adaptation from Judas Ghost Director

Written by John Knott Friday, 26 February 2016

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Stephen King has been granting permission to aspiring filmmakers to adapt his short stories for the princely sum of $1 for nearly 40 years. Known as ‘Dollar Babies’ the deal is that they have to be non-profit making and the actual ownership of the rights are pretty complicated (seriously, we looked it up) but we can tell you that Frank Darabont did an early one and he’s gone a long way since.

So we’re quite excited to tell you that I Am the Doorway (from King’s 1978 Night Shift collection) is about to be made via the scheme with some rather splendid talent on board. It’ll be directed by Simon Pearce who you might remember from his stunning-for-the-budget Judas Ghost (2013) and this year’s award-nominated web-series, Horizon. Judas-collaborator Wolfram Parge will be producing and not being anything like as villainous as ‘Judas-collaborator’ makes him sound (we assume).

If you’ve not read I Am the Doorway, we can tell you that it involves an astronaut returning from Pluto with eyes growing through his hands that give him monstrous visions and convince him he’s a doorway to alien invasion. Crikey, they’ll be needing some flashy visuals and that’s fortuitous as they’ve got no less than Illusion Industries (Blade, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mask) to handle the FX. They’ve even got Phil Méheux (Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro, The Long Good Friday) directing the photography so they’re not going to be short of experience.

It’s a very transatlantic affair as the screenwriters are the award-winning Jeffrey Stackhouse, Richard A. Becker and Wendy Lashbrook who promise us “... a movie in the tradition of Argento and Cronenberg, a film of beautiful colours and gorgeous wide-screen set pieces, which frame a brutal and devastating horror.” Have we said crikey yet? [Yep. Paragraph above – Ed] So we have.

If you want to know more, then you can join the Facebook group here: and as they’re crowdfunding, you might like to visit here.


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