New CHILD'S PLAY Happening Soon?

Written by Andrew Pollard Tuesday, 23 February 2016

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We all know that a good horror franchise doesn’t stay dead for long, and it looks as if there’s now some movement on another Child’s Play effort.

The pint-sized uber-basted known as Chucky was last seen in 2013’s impressive Curse of Chucky, which proved to juggle being a redo, a relaunch, and a continuation of the series. Since then, franchise creator Don Mancini has often discussed how he still has more plans for the little fella – hell, it was only this past September that he said a new film was “coming soonish” - and it could well be that shooting on a new Child’s Play movie isn’t all that far away.

Now. we could be reading a little too much into this, and it’s certainly far from a solid confirmation, but Brad Douriff and Jennifer Tilly had an interesting exchange on Twitter recently. Douriff, of course, has played Chucky since he was simply known as Charles Lee Ray back at the franchise’s beginnings back in 1988. As for Tilly, she’s played Ray-cum-Chucky’s love interest, Tiffany, in the last three films.

The exchange between the pair went as follows:

So, was these merely Douriff and Tilly messing around or could there be more to it? Well, we do know that Don Mancini has plans for at least one more Child’s Play movie. If we’re to let our inner horror nerd get carried away with these recent Tweets, we can read into it that Douriff and Tilly, as Chucky and Tiffany, are getting set to jet off to Cape Town, South Africa to start shooting Chucky 7 at some point soon. In fact, it even appears that at least one of the messages was tagged as being sent from Cape Town, throwing up the notion that production may even be already under way. Additionally, Fiona Douriff, who played Nica in Curse of Chucky, has previously said how her character will be back whenever the next installment in the franchise happens. Whether that’s still the case, we’ll have to wait and see.

Following the events of Curse, a great little post-credits scene saw Alex Vincent return as Andy Barclay, the role he played in the first two Child’s Play movies, and blow Chucky to bits with a shotgun in a scene set 6 months after the end of that particular movie. Could any further outing for Chucky fill in this 6-month gap or could the story of any future Child’s Play movie go in a different direction? After all, it's not like Chucky hasn't been killed plenty of times before, only to return from the dead to cause more chaos. Then again, shooting in a Cape Town locale would certainly open up a raft of possibilities.

Anyway, this could be something, it could be nothing, but, as ever, expect more on this as and when it develops.


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