New Details Surface on STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE

Written by Andrew Pollard Wednesday, 27 January 2016

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Recovered from the wonders of The Force Awakens yet? Well, with Star Wars Episode VII now in the bag, all eyes are on what’s happening next in a galaxy far, far away. Sure, there’s Episode VIII on the horizon, but before that we’ve got Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One. On that front, there’s a whole host of more details surfaced on what we can expect to see in the first of the three Star Wars Anthology movies.

Whilst we’ve seen a cast photo from Rogue One and know loose plot details – a group of Rebels look to grab the plans to the Death Star (sounds familiar, right?) – now comes some interesting news on further plot points for the film. Now whilst this new info is far from confirmed by anyone at Disney or Lucasfilm, be warned that there are some potential spoilers ahead.


It’s JoBlo who have the scoop of this latest Rogue One news, and we guess we should start with the biggest part of this new intel. We knew that Darth Vader was to be a presence in Gareth Edwards’ movie, but now it’s being reported that Vader’s role will be much larger than initially believed. Whether Vader leads the battle against the Rebels or if he is just seen giving orders from afar, we’ll have to wait and see, but the Sith Lord’s presence is certainly going to be a major one.

Additionally, fighting the Rebels will be what’s being affectionately referred to as Deathtroopers. These are essentially Stormtroopers decked out in black, and presumably, given their ominous title, they’re a lot more accurate and lethal than their white-suited brethren.

Elsewhere, it’s being reported that Rogue One will feature a scene-stealing droid – because what’s a Star Wars movie without a scene-stealing droid? – that was built for Imperial purposes but hijacked and reprogrammed by the Rebels. It’s believed that this new droid will be dark grey or black in colour, with it being a two-legged creation that’s believed to look a lot different to your standard C-3PO-type droid. There’s even speculation that this droid could be the long-rumoured mo-capping gig that Alan Tudyk is supposedly on board for.

In some final, small news, the name Cashen/Kashyn/Kashon is to be present in Rogue One, too. No details on whether that is a person, a planet, an artifact, a droid, or whatever just yet, though.

As mentioned, this is all merely speculation and rumour right now, although, in fairness, JoBlo are usually bang on the money with such stories.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is currently set for a December 16th release.


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