More Titles Announced for FrightFest Presents

Written by Martin Unsworth Monday, 07 December 2015

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The next slate of titles in the FrightFest Presents VOD strand have been announced.

The films to be added to the roster next year are The Lesson and Last Girl Standing, which will be available from February 29th, Landmine Goes Click and Curtain on March 7th with The Unfolding and Emelie hitting the Internet on March 14th.

STARBURST recently spoke to FrightFest co-directors Alan Jones and Paul McEvoy, who were looking forward to the prospect of delivering more of terrifying films to the public.
Speaking about pairing the FrightFest brand with Icon Film Distributors, Jones said: “Icon really understand what FrightFest is all about and they realised we could identify titles that might have slipped through their net. Because we have that elimination process already with the submissions and we go around the festivals and see what we want, and we know what our audience wants to see within the FrightFest wall”. McEvoy added, “It just felt like the natural progression when we were approached by Icon Film Distributors to launch a label. Obviously they had great genre success with a lot of their titles: It Follows, The Babadook, Cold in July to name but a few recent ones. They have such a love and passion for genre films, same as we have”.

The films released by the label so far were all hits at this year’s FrightFest event, as Alan says, “There’s always a reason for the films that we’ve chosen. I’m really happy with the way it’s worked out. We’re forging a good identity with FrightFest Presents, everyone’s come to us and they think what we’ve done is a really good thing. Basically, what I don’t want is for people to think VOD = complete rubbish”.

With the films already chosen, there’s little chance of that, and the brand will only increase its strength as the catalogue grows. Paul McEvoy continues, “It’s a way of getting these sorts of films out to the public, but also giving them a great profile as well, because obviously the FrightFest branding really helps with the public awareness side of things. We’re looking to support first time filmmakers and also people who have made things before. It’s a real mix of stuff”.

You can read more of our interview with Alan and Paul discussing their venture into VOD land in a future issue of STARBURST. 

Already available to rent on iTunes, Sky Store, Amazon, Blinkbox, Google Play, Horrorshow and Talk Talk among others are: The Sand, After Death, Night of the Living Deb, Some Kind of Hate, Estranged, and Steve Oram’s AAAAAAAAH!

For more information, head over to the FrightFest Presents website.


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