Movie News: Studios Already Prepping MAN OF STEEL and HUNGER GAMES Sequels

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 17 November 2011

Movie News

We were quite shocked back in August when Lionsgate announced that CATCHING FIRE, the second in the HUNGER GAMES series, had officially been given a November 2013 release date. A full eight months ahead of part one hitting cinemas. 

That particular news came hot on the heels of Sony announcing a May 14th release date for their AMAZING SPIDER-MAN sequel. A full year ahead of the reboot hitting cinemas. 

Now Warner Bros. have gotten in on the act with their own display of uber-optimism with the courting of several screenwriters... to pen their MAN OF STEEL sequel. A full YEAR AND A HALF ahead the reboot hitting cinemas. Anything you can do... etc.

Like we said before, since when did studios start getting so cocky?!

Lionsgate obviously has high hopes indeed for HUNGER GAMES, though we still get a sense of general ambivalence from non-readers of the book series. Will it win them over? The trailer certainly hasn't provoked much reaction from Starburst readers, that's for damn sure. Undeterred, the studio have now begun looking for their CATCHING FIRE screenwriter, with SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE scribe Simon Beaufoy reportedly their frontrunner.

Similarly, Warner's Superman reboot is also anything but a 'sure thing'. The big blue boyscout is a difficult sell to a mass audience. Just ask Bryan Singer. The possible screenwriters being bandied around to deliver a follow-up (which we'll see summer 2015 at the VERY earliest) are the ubiquitous Steve Kloves (HARRY POTTER, all of 'em), Lawrence Kasdan (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK), and Travis Beacham (that CLASH OF THE TITANS remake). Guess who we're shooting for should this happen?

Of the three, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is the most likely to guarantee massive box office, so Sony's preparation is probably justified. Unless audiences decide to rise up to remake culture and send Hollywood a message that is...

Which of these three new franchises are most likely to be granted their follow-up wishes? All? None? Let us know in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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