Movie News: Video Game Adaptation of BIOSHOCK Not Happening Any Time Soon

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Movie News

We first heard about an adaptation of the acclaimed BIOSHOCK video game series some years back when the talented Gore Verbinski was at the helm. Then he dropped out because of budget issues and for a while 28 WEEKS LATER director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was attached, but it's all been quiet as of late.

Irrational Games executive Ken Levine recently spoke to Industry Gamers and had this to say on the status of the project:

“We got very close to having it get made – we had a deal in place and a director. But for us there is no burning desire to have a movie made just to get it made. For us and for Take-Two, its really got to be something that will A) Give the fans something that they want and B) For those who don’t know BIOSHOCK really introduce them to something that is consistent with the game, and is going to be a good representation of the game”

So it seems that the project isn’t dead but they are taking their time. But then Levine went on to say; “There are differences between games and movies no doubt, but the movie has to draw from the same DNA in terms of the world and the story beats. But you know we don’t have a need to get it made", effectively indicating it’s a low priority.

On one hand this candour is refreshing when everyone is looking to cash in on established properties and we are possibly being spared another lacklustre video game adaptation. On the other hand the world of BIOSHOCK is so rich, stylish and creepy that it is just crying out for a big screen interpretation in the right filmmaker’s hands.

Is this one video game you would love to see on screen or are you indifferent? Thoughts? Share 'em with your fellow readers in the Comments section or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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0 #1 jim 2011-11-17 23:26
If they could resist making a typical game / film crossover starring some goon like The Rock as a lone wolf out to save an underwater post apocalypse society using grunts and guns than this could be a killer film.
I'm thinking The Shining with a snorkel, something slow paced and claustrophobic with a real slow build up to a decent finale. The setting and atmosphere of Bioshock is genuinely interesting and needs doing justice so I'm glad they have put it off, let's hope that decision is based on doing the right thing story wise and not so they can save up some more cash to throw at CGI water effects.

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