Red Hood to be Key to New BATMAN Movie

Written by Andrew Pollard Saturday, 31 October 2015

Movie News

A few months ago came word that Warner Brothers is getting set to do a Ben Affleck-starring Batman solo movie as part of their greater DC Cinematic Universe, and now comes some interesting news on one Jason Todd.

JoBlo is reporting that the WB currently has plans to have the Red Hood play a large part in the first of their new Bat movies. The Red Hood, of course, is Jason Todd, the Caped Crusader’s dead Robin, back from the dead. At first taking out criminals in a clinical way and leaving convenient clues for the World’s Greatest Detective as to who he is, the Red Hood would end up actually working alongside Batman and become one of the good guys in an anti-hero sort of fashion.

Poor Jason was famously killed off in A Death in the Family, leading to a more insular Dark Knight until Tim Drake finally convinced Bats to let him become his new Robin. Even then, Batman was always tormented by the fate of Jason. Beginning with a tease in the fantastic Hush, Jason would be revealed to have returned from the grave in Under the Hood.

These new rumours of a big screen Jason Todd claim that he, along with Jared Leto’s Joker, will be the two main villains of the movie, with the plan being for the Red Hood to leave clues throughout the film as to his real identity. It’s even being reported that we’ve already seen the first of these clues in the Batman v Superman trailer, as the newspaper clipping that reads “You let your family die” is rumoured to have been sent by Jason. Of course, we’ve also seen a vandalised Robin outfit in that trailer too, with many presuming that the suit in question is indeed that of Batman’s fallen Robin. It’s additionally worth noting that, yes, we will also see Dick Grayson appear in the new Batman movie as Nightwing, aiding the Dark Knight against Joker and Red Hood. No word on whether there’s a Tim Drake in this world, though.

A large part of the reason that Warner Brothers want to utilise the Red Hood character is down to the popularity and success of the Winter Soldier over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – as in 'new lethal rogue is revealed to be a twisted version of a long-dead sidekick'. The current plan from Warners also calls for an unknown actor to play the character.

As for the film itself, the regular rumour is that it will be called The Batman, although that’s not official at this stage. Not content with starring in the film, Ben Affleck will also be co-writing the script with DC’s Geoff Johns, and there’s talk that either Affleck or Johns could end up directing the film. Then there’s the stories that this will be the first of a new trilogy of Batman-focussed movies.

Of course, before that, Affleck’s Caped Crusader will make his bow in March 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before having a small part to play in August 2016’s Suicide Squad and then going on to play a key role in Zack Snyder’s two-part Justice League in 2017 and 2019.


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