Movie News: Nicolas Cage Wanted for Hammer's THE QUIET ONES

Written by Chris Holt Saturday, 12 November 2011

Movie News

In the year 2009, Nicolas Cage looked like he was about to redeem himself after years of trash with quality films like KNOWING, BAD LIEUTENANT and KICK-ASS. Then SEASON OF THE WITCH and DRIVE ANGRY happened and now it seems like he is back in full on not caring mode and taking parts in any old rubbish just for the money, and this man won an Oscar once.

Now it seems that Hammer Films, who haven’t had the greatest recent track record themselves, want Cage to take the lead in their film THE QUIET ONES to be directed by John Logue (QUARANTINE 2) from his own screenplay. This is another one of those based on a true story films that concerns a team of students in Cambridge in the 70’s who document their findings as they try and exorcise a poltergeist from a little girl. 

Hammer obviously knows a good thing when they see it and this sounds suspiciously like INSIDIOUS. And why not? That film was a massive hit in terms of profitability and is actually a really well put together scary film. Hammer has had a series of flops since returning, with LET ME IN being a massive box office disappointment. They also have THE WOMAN IN BLACK due in February which follows the good old fashioned spooky house format as well. Surprisingly considering the times we live in and their rich cinematic history, Hammer has not attempted to remake anything in their back catalogue yet…

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