Movie News: Are You Lycan the New 'Underworld Awakening' Poster? [Updated] With a 2nd!

Written by Kris Heys

Movie News


Ok, you got me. Yes I did use that hilarious Lycan gag once already this week. Let’s keep it between you and me though, ok?

I’ll sweeten the deal, how about I give you the brand new US theatrical one-sheet for UNDERWORLD AWAKENING in exchange for your silence? Well, not an ‘actual’ real life one-sheet, but an image of it. Use it as wallpaper! Not ‘actual’ wallpaper, again, it’s not a tangible thing I’m-- Nevermind, you know what I mean. And I guess it’s why you clicked on the article anyway so I’ll just shut up and let you guys enjoy it in peace. 

But one last thing... why does Selene seemingly have the arms of a T-Rex? Is that part of the plot? Looks freaky. Sorry. Sorry. Here it is…



Okay you lucky lot, here's a second US theatrical poster for us to ogle at. Nowt wrong with the arms this time, just the deeply unimaginative, straight-to-dvd-esque tagline:


For any of you guys who missed the trailer the other day, you can watch it here. And yes, I do deploy the Lycan gag again.

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING hits January 20th in the UK and the US.

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0 #2 Rachel Collins Barrett 2011-11-15 22:51
oh my god you're totally right sophiea! she has had the arms of a four year old shopped onto her body :(
+2 #1 sophiea iqbal 2011-11-11 23:54
Lycan the gag, please contiue. :) That poster looks bad ass, mostly coz that costume is sexy. But yes her arms like they have been replaced with some freak, robot parts.

Them are some midget arms, them.

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