Movie News: Shyamalan's ONE THOUSAND A.E. Gets New Writer

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 11 November 2011

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The last few years haven't been kind on M. Night Shyamalan. That said, we're guessing many of you would argue Shyamalan hasn't been kind to us, what with LADY IN THE WATER, THE HAPPENING, and THE LAST AIR BENDER stinking up the multiplexes.

The almost universal derision directed at the above movies has got to sting, and to rub further salt in the wounds it seems that for the first time since Shyamalan wrote and directed THE SIXTH SENSE back in '99, the filmmaker is giving in (or is being forced by the studio) to having his new screenplay polished by another writer. A co-writing credit on a Shyamalan picture? Given his widely reported control issues, that's a twist worthy of the man himself. 

Now it must be noted Shyamalan didn't originate ONE THOUSAND A.E., he appropriated THE BOOK OF ELI's Gary Whitta's original script and rewrote it himself (in accordance to his needs apparently). But now Sony have tasked acclaimed screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (TRAFFIC) with rewriting Shyamalan's draft. Ouch. 

As for the plot of ONE THOUSAND A.E., it's an epic sci-fi tale of a father and son (played by Will and Jaden Smith) who crash land on Earth only to find we've all buggered off due to some kind of catastrophe. Rumours that the catastrophe in question was the release of THE HAPPENING 2 are almost certainly false. Probably just yer standard apocalypse scenario, alien invasion or summit.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not jumping on the Shyamalan bashing bang-wagon here (well, the above crack aside), I actually quite like the fella and a lot of his movies (THE SIXTH SENSE can jog on mind), but it's impossible to ignore that his filmmography has been in the toilet for a while now, and a lot of this has to do with his screenplays themselves (THE HAPPENING being a particular low point - oooo, the wind, terrifying!). Another pair of eyes on the project and a big ol' slice of humble pie might prove to be just the thing Shyamalan needs to regain some critical and audience respect.

We'll have to wait until June 2013 to find out whether Shyamalan can win us over again.

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