Top 10 items in the Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction

Written by Martin Unsworth Monday, 21 September 2015

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The Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd, so we’ve browsed the catalogue and chosen our favourites from the fabulous items that are going under the hammer.

Cylon Centurion Helmet from Battlestar Galactica (1978)
An early production helmet from the famous Glen A. Larson series. An iconic design, the Cylon Centurions were formidable and put the wind up many a kid in the late ‘70s.


Lo Pan’s SFX Arm from Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

One for the techies, this is an amazing piece of special effect engineering, used in John Carpenter’s film when James Hong’s Lo Pan regenerated from being an old man to a lean and slick fighting machine.

Blade’s Hero SFX Daywalker Prop Sword from Blade (1998)

Now this is a bad-ass piece of kit! You know there’s always a chance someone else is going to get hold of your sabre during a battle, but at least vampire hunter Blade (Wesley Snipes) knows how to unarm them – as this screen-used sword proves – the handle contains four hidden blades that will cause some serious damage to any hand unfortunate enough to attempt to hold it. It even still shows feint traces of the stage blood used when it was activated!


Clem Facial Appliances from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

Clem became a regular and much-loved ally to Buffy and the gang after he was introduced in the sixth season playing poker with Spike for kittens. This would be a great item for any fan of Joss Whedon’s Sunnydale crew.


Fizzgig Puppet from The Dark Crystal (1982)

A fondly-remembered Jim Henson fantasy, this fluffy little animal accompanied the heroes on their quest to defeat the Skeksis and was adored by children everywhere… And being Henson, of course it was a hand puppet.


Judge Carlisle Costume from Dredd (2012)

We all loved Dredd, and yes, we still have everything crossed that we’ll get a sequel one day. Now this is surely the ultimate in Cosplay – a full Judge costume! All you’d need is some pistols – which are also available in the auction.


Professor Sir Alexander Saxton’s Tweed Suit from Horror Express (1972)

Yes, we know it looks like a stuffy old fashioned suit, but this beauty was worn by the legendary Sir Christopher Lee! The film is one of most entertaining of the non-Hammer films Lee and Peter Cushing made, and owning this would be a brilliant tribute to a much-missed actor.


Darkness Puppet from Legend (1985)

Ridley Scott’s much-maligned fantasy is not the first one thinks of when they list Tom Cruise movies, but it did give the wonderful Tim Curry a chance to shine as the sinister and demonic Darkness. This twelve-inch puppet was used in a scene that was cut from the original release, but restored for the later director’s cuts. Although it’s quite fragile, it’ll look amazing in our office (hint, hint…)


Piranha Puppet from Piranha (1978)

OK, we admit it – we love puppets. Joe Dante’s Jaws rip-off may have been remade and given a sequel but the original still holds a fond place in our hearts. This scaly critter was designed by the legendary Phil Tippet and is just waiting to be displayed.


Ambassador-Class Starship Model Miniature from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

Every home should have one! This miniature model starship has been used in several episodes of the TV shows, redressed as various Federation craft and would be the perfect centrepiece for any geeks’ room!


Head on over to the Prop Store website to browse the rest of the catalogue and register your bid on over 450 fantastic items. Bidding is underway, and the actual auction will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd at ODEON BFI IMAX, Waterloo, London.

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