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Written by Martin Unsworth Tuesday, 15 September 2015

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The Propstore Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction takes place on September 23rd at London’s ODEON IMAX Waterloo. We spoke to the UK Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Lane, to find out more about the amazing collection of film and TV props and costumes that will be going under the hammer.

STARBURST: How long has it taken to put together this amazing array of items?
Stephen Lane: We started the cataloguing process many, many months ago - in fact just over a year ago but some of these pieces have been in the company collection here in the UK or out on display at our Los Angeles facility for a number of years. As soon as this auction wraps then we start the process all over again for next year’s auction - so please let us know if you have any props, costumes or any other items used in film and TV production that you'd like to consign.

The public can view a selection of lots at the exhibition at Odeon IMAX up to the event, how did you go about choosing what to show?
It's a tough process! Starting with over 450 lots from over 150 film and TV shows on paper it takes weeks and weeks of planning and preparation to calculate what will fit, what will work best and what we think visitors will most want to see. Once we have a first draft list we then physically set up every single cabinet here at the Prop Store, make adjustments and changes and then photograph everything as it will be built at the exhibition some months later.

How do you go about estimating the value of such unique items?

Valuations and estimates are all based upon our near 20 years’ experience of working within this market, precedents set by comparable items that have been sold previously and current demand and rarity.

What is your personal favourite lot?
I'm a massive Star Wars fan, so the Empire Strikes Back Stormtrooper Helmet is certainly a favourite of mine but I also love the Malcolm McDowell purple trench coat from A Clockwork Orange - what an incredible piece of movie history to see at auction.

If someone has their eye on something but have never taken part in an auction such as this, how would you suggest they go about it?
First step is to register with us at Once you've completed the registration process then please reach out to any of the Prop Store team and we'll happily offer advice and assistance with the options for bidding on-line, at the auction on the day, by phone or by leaving an absentee bid.

There are over 450 items, how long does the actual auction take?
The time taken will very much depend on bidding activity on the day but we're estimating around 8 hours.

What do think will attract the most attention/highest bid during the sale?
Tune in and watch the live stream on the day to find out at!

The exhibition of some of the lots is currently underway at ODEON IMAX, Waterloo, London and running until the day of the auction. For more information, and to download or purchase a catalogue head over to the Propstore website.

Click on the images for a closer look at the exhibition opening:
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