Movie News: Adam Green Attached to Direct KILLER PIZZA

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 09 November 2011

Movie News

Whatever your opinion is on the HATCHET films (and they do have fans) you can’t deny that Adam Green has serious directorial chops. Whilst HATCHET may not have done much to prove this, FROZEN was a masterclass in character work and suspense which was a truly wonderful little film that more of you should see. Now it seems the newly revamped and no longer cash strapped MGM are in talks to acquire a spec script written by the filmmaker based on Greg Taylor’s 2009 novel KILLER PIZZA.

The story concerns a 14 year old boy who gets a summer job at a pizza parlour that is actually a front for a monster hunting squadron. Sounds very much like it could be in the same vein as MONSTER SQUAD, MONSTER HOUSE and THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and in Green’s hands it could become one of those great dark toned kids’ movies we seldom see anymore.

Rafaella De Laurentiis (DRAGONHEART) will produce along with 1492 pictures and CJ Entertainment. The project has apparently been in development since the book came out in 09. Now if I can just find a copy I’ll see what all the fuss is about…

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