Movie News: MAD MAX FURY ROAD Gearing Up for 2012?

Written by Kris Heys Tuesday, 08 November 2011

Movie News

It's been a long time since we heard any updates on George Miller's return to the world of MAD MAX, but now the director is busy pimping the imminent release of HAPPY FEET TWO (why George, why?!) it's the perfect time to get him to spill the beans - and spill the beans he did! Well, not exactly a full tin, but...

Miller revealed that they actually plan to get MAD MAX: FURY ROAD before cameras sometime in 2012 if all goes well, though the filmmaker is aware of how easy these things can fall apart (as they did with his proposed JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, which came close to fruition a few years back). Production on FURY ROAD had actually already begun last year, with over 150 vehicles already built (bloody hell!), but Miller told of the problems that befell it:

"We were all set to shoot in the Australian desert and then unprecedented rain came and what was the wasteland -completely flat, red earth - is now a flower garden. The big massive salt flats in the center of Australia where they do record speed trials and stuff is now full of pelicans and fish... We sort of lost the wasteland."

With the location almost a character itself in the MAD MAX universe, yeah, we can understand that this might have been a significant bump in the road.

A post-Bane Tom Hardy is still expected to replace Mel Gibson as the titular Road Warrior (or his son) in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, and if things go smoothly will be reprising the role in MAD MAX: FURIOSA, which is intended to be shot back-to-back with the former.

More on this as it comes.

Looking forward to returning to the world of Mad Max? Is Hardy right for the role? Share your thoughts in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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0 #1 Robin Pierce 2011-11-08 22:25
I'm willing to wait and see. Having just rewatched the Max movies for an undisclosed suprise purpose that won't be seen until the 14th, I think Gibson's shoes are going to be hard to fill. But we'll wait and see.

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