Movie News: Sony Pictures Prepping POPEYE

Written by Kris Heys Thursday, 03 November 2011

Movie News

Sony Pictures have announced they are to go ahead with an animated 3D feature film based on the classic comic strip POPEYE THE SAILOR.

The character, who first appeared in print way back in 1929, has been adapted several times for the small screen, beginning with animated shorts from Fleischer Studios four years later, to those Paramount ones that were a staple of our tea-times back in the '80s (even though they stopped producing them in '57!). These were then followed, unforgettably, by Robert Altman's live-action bizarre box office disaster starring Robin Williams and THE SHINING's Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl...

It's a sure thing Sony aren't going to be taking much inspiration from Altman on this, but you might find yourself wishing they would when we reveal who they've hired to turn this in... Jay Scherick & David Ronn, otherwise known as the writers responsible for inflicting THE SMURFS on us earlier this year. 

Whether we liked that flick or not (we didn't, here's a review to prove it) facts are facts - those little blue buggers made Sony an insane amount of cash at the box office. So much so, the aforementioned writers are already hard at work on a sequel.

Can all involved bring the beloved (by some at least, creeps me out if I'm honest) character back into the public's affections? Or will they totally Smurf it all up? We'll find out in a few years time when it hits our cinemas...

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