Movie News: Guillermo Del Toro Producing ALMA for Dreamworks Animation

Written by Chris Holt Tuesday, 01 November 2011

Movie News


Did you know that Guillermo Del Toro is an executive producer on Dreamworks PUSS IN BOOTS movie? No I didn’t either. Whilst PUSS makes tons of cash and seems to be pretty good by all accounts, Del Toro is throwing his muscle behind another animated film in development at the studio.

ALMA is a feature length adaptation of former Pixar employee Rodrigo Blaas’ short film. Dreamworks snapped up the rights last year and Del Toro will work with them to shepherd the film to the screen. Megan Holly who wrote SUNSHINE CLEANING has signed on to expand the screenplay with Blaas.

The original short is available on YouTube and is a great little piece of film that you should check out. Now that PUSS IN BOOTS is a success thanks in part to Del Toro’s input it will be interesting to see what else he can get behind at the studio.

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