Movie News: Trailer Hits for Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS

Written by Chris Holt Saturday, 29 October 2011

Movie News

Here's another Halloween treat for you. If you haven’t seen director Ti West’s film THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, do yourself a favour - go get it and watch it this Halloween. Apart from being a remarkable visual achievement, the film is the very definition of slow burn scariness and has some wonderfully executed shocks. Along with Adam Green (HATCHET), Joe Lynch (CHILLERAMA), and Lucky Mckee (THE WOMAN), West seems to be one of the best of the latest pack of horror filmmakers to emerge from the states.

The follow up film from West, THE INNKEEPERS has been playing film festivals for a while with much praise heaped upon it. There is now finally a trailer available for the film:

THE INNKEEPERS tells the story of the last night of business for the old Yankee Pedlar hotel which the last two employees suspect is haunted. As the last night arrives they decide to obtain proof of the haunting. Reportedly this is a very entertaining mix of CLERKS and THE SHINING and stars Sara Paxton, Pay Healy and Kelly McGillis. There is no confirmed UK release date as yet but I would suspect we will see it early next year.

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