Details on Common and Scott Eastwood's Mystery SUICIDE SQUAD Roles

Written by Andrew Pollard Monday, 22 June 2015

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With shooting well under way on David Ayer’s villain-centric Suicide Squad, there’s still a few questions over which roles certain actors are playing.

Two such names are Common and Scott Eastwood, both of whom have ‘unknown roles’ in the film. Well, Heroic Hollywood claims to have the scoop on just which roles these two will be playing.

When Common was first announced as joining Ayer’s film, many were clinging on to the hope that the rapper-turned-actor would be making an appearance as John Stewart, aka Green Lantern. This was purely because Common was signed on to play that exact role in George Miller’s doomed Justice League movie of the 2000s. After that story died down, he was rumoured to be playing Aquaman villain Black Manta. Since then, leaked images had some believing that Common was actually going to play Bronze Tiger, a character played in Arrow by Michael Jai White. Again that is now seemingly not the case, with this new report claiming that Common’s character will actually be Abel Tarrant, aka Tattooed Man. That rogue’s particular powers stem from being able to essentially turn his tattoos into physical weapons.

As for Scott Eastwood, at first his Suicide Squad role was believed to be that of Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor. Again that proved false, with that particular role believed to be one that Chris Pine is in talks for, with the current plan for Trevor to debut in the Gal Gadot-starring Wonder Woman. With Eastwood, this latest story claims that his Suicide Squad gig is actually one Slade Wilson. Yes, the master assassin better known as Deathstroke the Terminator! At this stage, the current story is that Slade Wilson will start off the movie “pre-Deathstroke” before then stepping up to full-on Deathstroke mode by the film’s close. As well as being a total badass with his hands, guns, swords and being a tactical genius, Deathstroke has also recently appeared in Arrow played by Manu Bennett. The depiction of the character during Arrow’s Season 2 was arguably the finest live-action take on a comic book rogue to date, with Bennett doing wonders as his Slade Wilson slowly turned to the dark side.

Until we get some sort of official confirmation, treat all of the above as purely rumour for now. That said, the leaked pictures of Common on set certainly give backing to the Tattooed Man notion. As for Scott Eastwood, all is still remaining mighty schtum on his mystery role at this stage.

Regardless of who Common and Eastwood are playing, at this stage Suicide Squad is already confirmed to feature The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Amanda Waller, King Shark, Killer Croc, Enchantress, Slipknot, El Diablo, Katana, Hugo Strange and an appearance from a chap named Batman. Then there’s the likely inclusion of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, too.

Suicide Squad is set for an August 5th, 2016 release.


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