Movie News: More Plot Details Emerge for THE EVIL DEAD Remake

Written by Chris Holt Friday, 28 October 2011

Movie News

Some months ago, it was announced that promising young director Fede Alvarez would be directing a remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic horror THE EVIL DEAD. This put the kibosh on all talk and rumours of an EVIL DEAD 4 with original star Bruce Campbell although Campbell would still be involved somehow. Fans were a bit miffed and Campbell himself defended the project making veiled hints that the project would surprise a lot of people. It was announced that Diablo Cody the writer of JENNIFER'S BODY and JUNO would be making a pass at the script and fans were a little placated because obviously they were taking it seriously.

Now Bloody Disgusting has gotten hold of an official plot synopsis and it’s identical to the original! You know the drill; five twenty something’s become holed up in a remote cabin where they summon up dormant demons which gradually possess the youngsters until only one is left. The only difference in this remake is a somewhat unique perspective which could actually lead to something interesting. The reason the friends go to the cabin in the first place is to help the main character’s sister kick her drug habit by going cold turkey out in the woods. This could lead to a neat plot device where the sister is possessed but her companions just think she is going through a particularly rough withdrawal. 

Because Raimi and Campbell are involved in this film, I’m not as dubious as most about the possibility of the remake and the news that they are going in a potentially interesting direction with it gives me further hope. The first EVIL DEAD movie is not perfect by any means (although EVIL DEAD 2 is and I’ll argue with anyone who says different) and with modern effects and the right atmosphere a remake could be a fun night out at the flicks.

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