Help Get Horror Comedy Short DEAD BITCH! Finished

Written by Martin Unsworth Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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Fresh from the amazing success of her previous short, She, which was co-written/directed with Mark Vessey, Chelsey Burdon is looking to find the final bit of funding for the short Dead Bitch! 

The official statement on the site states: 

Evie, Leah, Lou and Cody make up Red Horizon, a rock band that have already seen their fair share of adventures. But when the corpse of one of their enemies is discovered after a particularly wild night of partying; friendships - and faculties - will be tested as the girls need to figure out what happened, and how to get rid of the body!

Dead Bitch! came about as a creative writing venture. It was my attempt at taking characters I know and love, and were at this point very familiar with, and placing them in a different scenario, with a different tone and approach to the genre. I completed the feature script for Red Horizon some years ago, but don't yet feel ready to embark on a feature film-making voyage, but I DID want to get the characters out into the world and give genre fans a taste of what they are in for with the eventual feature. Dead Bitch felt like the perfect time and way to do this. It is a light-hearted, and fun approach to the genre, paying homage to some of the Grindhouse and B-movie features that we all know and love.

The cast includes Jessica Messenger (Wasteland), Katie Eleonor Dawson (who appeared in Burdon’s segment of this year’s Women in Horror Massive Blood Drive PSA that was arranged by the Soska Sisters), Rhiannon Smith Warren, and Emily Slater Chandler. Special make-up effects will be handled by Paul While, who made whole audiences wince with his work on She.

From as little as £5 you can contribute to helping get the film finished, and receive some fabulous perks for doing so as well the satisfaction that you’re helping independent filmmakers.

Head over to the Dead Bitch! Indiegogo page to find out more and back the project.


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