Movie News: Peter Jackson all set for TINTIN 2

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Movie News

With the first film generating much deserved buzz a full two months before its American release, it turns out that the sequel to the film might not be as far away as you would think.

Tintin was always pitched and planned as a trilogy with Spielberg doing the first and Peter Jackson taking on the sequel with the third to be someone else (Edgar Wright please?). Jackson and Spielberg have informed THR that not only will Jackson still direct the sequel but that it’s already in motion. The sequel is already written and they are well into pre-production. Hardly surprising as the intention for more than one flick has been there as far back as 2009, it’s just unusual for this kind of momentum to be kept up. Jackson will start directing duties once THE HOBBIT is all wrapped up. The fact that the first Tintin film is motion capture with an extensive post production period means that it’s likely that this can be started even whilst Jackson is on post production on THE HOBBIT. If the film hits big in the US expect this to be filming by next summer.

Having only seen the first one just the other day (read my review here) and actually finding it unbelievably good fun, I am well up for more adventures for this little guy. This could be the franchise filling those HARRY POTTER sized holes in each winter for years to come.

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