Movie News: What is GRIM NIGHT?

Written by Chris Holt Sunday, 23 October 2011

Movie News

A few years back there was a film that enjoyed a lot of early buzz called THE STRANGERS. Despite actually being a really effective and creepy home invasion horror and having an effective trailer, the film really didn’t go on to do much. The film's director Bryan Bertino has been all quiet since then but now it seems he is one of the producers behind an intriguing new horror concept being pitched to studios.

GRIM NIGHT takes place in a world that knows death will come on one day per year. On this day grim reapers come to earth en masse to take the souls of many thousands of living beings. There is a two minute promotional trailer which is being used as part of the pitch package to studios and it’s a very effective piece of work which gives you a real idea of what they are going for. 

The film is written by Allen Bey and Brandon Bestenheider. Hopefully someone will pick this up and give it a budget so we can get a good scary apocalyptic horror.

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