News: George Romero Sticking with the Undead for THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES

Written by Chris Holt Friday, 21 October 2011

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I’m of the opinion that the recent zombie resurgence exposed George Romero for the case of emperor’s new clothes that he really is. I like his original zombie trilogy like everyone else but you can’t deny they are awkwardly paced and structured. DAY OF THE DEAD in particular is a slog to get through. When he returned with LAND OF THE DEAD people were expecting the second coming. Although it had a decent budget and some nice ideas it was really underdeveloped. He followed this up with the woeful DIARY OF THE DEAD and then SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, which is merely a decent rental prospect at best. Now it seems he has abandoned the world he created to go on another interpretation of a zombie apocalypse with book adaptation THE ZOMBIE AUTOPSIES: SECRET NOTEBOOKS FROM THE APOCALYPSE.

Supposedly Romero’s take on the novel will be more medical thriller and a “scientifically accurate” take on zombies. It follows a man infected with the zombie virus who goes to India to dissect some captured members of the undead in the hopes of finding a cure and thus saving himself. The original book was written by Steven C Schlozman. 

With THE WALKING DEAD, WORLD WAR Z and a ZOMBIELAND TV series on the way, the zombie genre shows no signs of being laid to rest. What do you think? Is it time Romero retired? Do you think he's even that great? Go watch his non-zombie films THE DARK HALF, BRUISER and CREEPSHOW and tell me I’m wrong about my pacing criticism…

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