News: Marvel Prepping THE PUNISHER For TV Treatment

Written by Kris Heys Friday, 21 October 2011

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After three big-screen outings of varying quality, Marvel Studios are having another stab at the PUNISHER franchise - but this time on the small screen.

CRIMINAL MINDS showrunner Ed Bernero has convinced Fox that he's the guy to erase Dolph Lungren, Tom Jane and Ray Stevenson from audience's minds and deliver the definitive live-action interpretation of the character. Although one that has a slightly different mythology...

This time out, Frank castle will be a New York City cop by day, and the iconic vigilante by night (when the hell does he sleep?), no doubt taking care of the scumbags those pesky laws n' stuff prevented him from battering that afternoon.

It's also not clear whether his family has been slain at this point (usually the impetus of him becoming the Punisher), or whether he has a family at all. Can't see either of these changes being a deal-breaker personally, but should they ditch his natty skull-emblazoned vest Bernero better brace himself for a tsunami of ear-bashing from fans.

Should the show be commissioned to series, they'll be plenty for comic book fans to look forward to in 2012 & '13 TV seasons, what with DEADMAN, THE DAMNED, THE SPECTRE, AKA JESSICA JONES (based on Marvel's ALIAS), POWERS, and Guillermo Del Toro's HULK all in various stages of development. They've conquered the multiplexes, nor its time for the superheroes to take over our TV's too.

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+1 #1 Chris Holt 2011-10-21 16:10
This sounds awful. The Punisher is the easiest Marvel comic to get right and yet Hollywood has never managed it.

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