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Written by J. R. Southall Thursday, 20 October 2011

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For the last several years, Mad Norwegian Press (in the US) and Telos Publishing (here in the UK) have basically been operating a duopoly on independent Doctor Who book publishing. A couple of years ago they were joined in the marketplace by Hirst Books, the home of Colin Baker’s collected newspaper columns and the Shooty Dog Thing books, among others. Now there’s a new independent Doctor Who publisher on the block, and amongst a growing number of film and television-related titles, this week Miwk Publishing are announcing Justyce Served, a rather exciting new Doctor Who-related volume.

Justyce Served (by Alun Harris and Matthew West) is the story of Audio Visuals – Adventures in Time & Space, and if the name doesn’t ring a bell, then think Big Finish, only before Big Finish. Audio Visuals were a series of fan-produced, not-for-profit audio adventures largely made during the 1990s, starring voice-of-the-Daleks Nicholas Briggs as the Doctor, and including scripts by Jim Mortimore, Andy Lane and Gary Russell. Justyce Served serves as both a production diary and episode guide, and concludes with the launch of Big Finish itself in 1998. It’s a massively interesting period in Doctor Who history, and this unofficial and largely-forgotten part of the ‘Wilderness Years’ is bound to make for a fascinating read, whether you know the audio plays or not.

The authors’ profits are destined for Amnesty International, and Justyce Served (subtitled A Small Start with a Big Finish) is due for release in September of 2012, priced at £12.99.

Meanwhile, also due for release the same month (and priced at £7.99) is Andy X Cable’s Turn Left – The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who Road Signs, the most unlikely-titled spin-off book ever. Suffice it to say, as a volume concerned with fans and their preoccupations, Turn Left is not going to be taking itself too seriously!

Andy Cable was the brains behind a certain website that surfaced briefly some time ago, amassing apparently two million hits in just a few days, before disappearing again as mysteriously as it appeared. Expect Turn Left to resound with the same level of humour and disrespect that the website did...

And if you need any more evidence of Miwk Publishing’s tangential nature, then consider this: the brains behind the operation are editor Matt West and artist Robert Hammond, who previously were infamous for a couple of things called Oh Mummy! and Eye on... Blatchford. Their arrival on the publishing scene looks like it might be very exciting news indeed.

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