News: First Trailer For PIRANHA 3DD Hits

Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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Ok, so the official embed of this thing has one of those annoying region blocks on it meaning us poor UK folk can't even watch it, so we'll have to put up with a somewhat poorer quality version until we find an alternative. But hey-ho, we thought you guys needed to see this as soon as possible anyway.

Presenting, our first look at PIRANHA 3DD...

This debuted on the recent Scream Awards, which is a little odd considering it was only a few days ago that Dimension announced it was delaying the release from November to sometime in 2012 and folks started to think the worst. Doesn't look like the production is in trouble to us, so maybe it's a genuine move to find a sweeter spot for the movie. Hope it's the latter.

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