Movie News: Guillermo Del Toro Finds PACIFIC RIM Lead [Updated] More Cast Added

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Interesting bit of casting this - Comedic actor Charlie day (best known for his role as the idiot man-child Charlie Kelly in IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) is the second name to sign on for Guillermo Del Toro's much-anticipated movie.

Also on board is the ubiquitous Idris Elba (seriously, is there a project this bloke's name isn't attached to?!)

So what's PACIFIC RIM and why should the readers of Starburst care? Read our previous story below...



SONS OF ANARCHY star Charlie Hunnam has landed the lead role in the top-secret Guillermo Del Toro movie PACIFIC RIM. While details are still in short supply, it's reported the story will revolve around a world invasion by Godzilla-sized aliens, and the humans who are forced to then build and pilot giant Mechas in order to battle them!


Seriously though, this movie sounds like it’s aiming to deliver something on a scale we as audiences haven’t seen before – at least in live action. Sure, neither the concept of piloted Mechas, nor giant-ass city-stomping monsters are new to the genre, but few filmmakers have even dared rendering them outside of anime (even James Cameron himself struggled for years to get BATTLE ANGEL ALITA developed) and those who have (we’re looking at you, Emmerich) delivered with questionable results.

Del Toro has had a rough few years career wise – first he was forced to quit THE HOBBIT, then the long-promised Lovecraft adaptation AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS fell through – so it’s thrilling to hear one of his pet projects is finally coming to fruition.

Expect Warner Bros. to aim for a 2013 release… by which time giant-ass city-stomping monsters may very well rule the world. But I ain’t getting in one of those Mechas. I’ve got a note from me mum.

Giant Monsters vs. giant Robots, what more could you want? Let us know with your comments below...

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