News: PRIMER Director Pulls Finger Out and Makes Another Movie.

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 13 October 2011

Movie News

Around six years ago a smaller than small budget science fiction flick caused a minor buzz at Sundance. PRIMER was a Christopher Nolan esque time travel film with a refreshing look at the often confusing sub genre of time travel and really made your brain work instead of going for easy thrills and explosions.

The director Shane Carruth was subsequently tipped for big things but went on to do... well, nothing. Apart from some effects work on Rian Johnson’s upcoming time travel film LOOPER, Carruth has been very quiet. He has been trying to get the twisted kid flick A TOPIARY off the ground for a while with David Fincher as a producer but it’s been disappointingly sparse in terms of his output.

This is all about to change this Autumn as Carruth is going into production on something called UPSTREAM COLOR. This will again be produced super low budget and independently made. Not much is known of the plot or who else is involved but the term Upstream Color may refer to “An esoteric biopharmaceutical term that describes impurities present early in processing/manufacture of a chemical”.

This could be genre related or it could be just another mumblecore indie flick. More news as we receive it. If you haven’t seen PRIMER yet then seriously, check it out.

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