News: Sony Producing Anime Sequel to STARSHIP TROOPERS

Written by Chris Holt Thursday, 13 October 2011

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Paul Verhoeven’s STARSHIP TROOPERS feels like the franchise that never was. The 1997 original adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s novel was a major flop on release but is fondly remembered for its wall to wall gore and satirical look at mankind’s first encounter with a race of alien insects. There have been two straight to DVD sequels, HERO OF THE FEDERATION and MARAUDER, with only the latter worth a look. It feels like a series of epic galactic war films that should have gone on and on.

Now word comes that Sony Pictures is producing an anime sequel film called STARSHIP TROOPERS: INVASION. I would be all ready to write this off except the director behind the film is Shinji Aramaki an anime director who made the pretty decent films APPLESEED and APPLESEED: EX MACHINA as well as a recent HALO tie in. If he has a decent budget behind him then this could be something special.

The story follows a distant federation outpost that comes under attack from the bugs and the evacuation and gathering of intelligence to bring back to Earth. Neil Patrick Harris’s character from the first movie, Carl, then commandeers the evacuation craft for more clandestine purposes.

American animation veteran Flint Dille will script the film with Joseph Chou producing. Casper Van Dien is involved as an executive producer. Sony plans to release the film in summer 2012.

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0 #1 Mr Cheese 2011-10-13 23:14
Excited, love this universe and animated to boot! WOO HA!

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