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Written by J. R. Southall Thursday, 13 October 2011

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Character Options and Forbidden Planet (through their subsidiary Underground Toys) today announced what surely must be their final exclusive classic series DOCTOR WHO set for the Christmas market – and it’s going to be a very expensive Yuletide if you’re a serious collector!

Alongside the new series toys already or soon to be on the market (including the Bump-and-Go Cybermat at £14.99), the festive season gets off to a flying start with the much-awaited City of Death Collectors’ Set at £26.99 on October the 19th. Featuring the fourth Doctor and a two-headed Scaroth of the Jagaroth (that’s two alternative heads, folks, not two at the same time), fans of Tom Baker’s Time Lord will also be delighted by The Invasion of Time set (including Sontaran Commander Stor and Leela) on the 24th of November, at £24.99.

First Doctor fans are also well catered for, with The Chase Collector's Set arriving on the 16th of December; £39.99 gets you a Mechonoid and two Daleks. There is also the first in a series of “Enemies” sets; the Enemies of the First Doctor set is the first to arrive on December the 12th, at £34.99. The relatively low price belies the nature of the set, comprising the previously available Tenth Planet Cyberman, a Daleks’ Master Plan Dalek (with flame-thrower!) and the all-new Roboman.

But the big news is the Enemies of the Third Doctor set (pictured above) two days later, which sees three brand new sculpts all in the same set for the first time – reflected by a price tag of £44.99. The Spearhead from Space Auton (and Nestene energy unit) rubs shoulders with Omega from The Three Doctors and the unlikely (but true!) Drashig of Carnival of Monsters, which is essentially a head-and-neck sculpt glove puppet!

It’s going to be a great Christmas if you’re a middle-aged pre-teen-at-heart, but boy, it’s also going to be an expensive one!

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