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Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 12 October 2011

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Didn't the tagline of DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER go something like: "They said lightning couldn't strike twice... They were wrong." Maybe this fifth one can amend that to "They said lightning couldn't strike twice... They were wrong. Boy were they wrong. Really, really wrong." Hmm, maybe I'll pitch that to Fox. [Get on with it - Ed] Oh yeah, the title, sorry, got distracted. And the title of the fifth DIE HARD movie is... drum roll (that's not it btw, just creating anticipation)... 


Now we expect a lot of people to start ragging on this, but I'm actually quite fond of it. Whether it remains titled the same in the UK is a different story though. While us Brits had to make do with the banal DIE HARD 4.0 back in '07, the rest of the world got the vastly superior and infinitely more imaginative LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.

What else can we tell you about John McClane's next adventure? Well, along with the title announcement, producer Tom Rothman has also revealed that the flick will start shooting in January for a February 14th* 2013 release date; it will be helmed, as previously reported, by MAX PAYNE director John Moore with a script by longtime Willis collaborator, the brilliantly-named Skip Woods (THE A-TEAM); and will revolve around McClane travelling to Russia to pick up his son from jail... but all is not what it seems. Wonder if they'll be some shooting involved?

No decision has been made whether on not they'll be chasing that box-office friendly PG-13 rating (the equivalent of 12A here), or show some balls and return the franchise to its gleefully violent and swear-happy former days. Here's hoping for the latter.

* Now that's gonna cause some grief amongst couples heading to the pictures on Valentine's Day. 

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0 #1 sophiea iqbal 2011-10-13 18:20
Damn and I was really looking forward to the title, Die Harder. :) oh well, i like their title give a lot any way.

And yes i would have appreciated the title America got for the last one, damn it. I think we all would have got the point, so here to not changing this one for us. I too want the franchise to go back to its roots, and have some f##@ nuts. :) Screw val day couples, they can do have the sappying PG tripe. Twilight.

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