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Written by Andrew Pollard Friday, 23 January 2015

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So Jason Momoa is the DCCU’s Aquaman. After confirmation of that casting choice was finally announced after months and months of everybody knowing anyway, things have all gone a little quiet on the King of the Seven Seas. Now comes an update of sorts from Latino Review.

As far as Momoa’s deal goes, it’s believed the actor has signed a four-picture deal with Warner Brothers, which tallies up nicely given how he’ll likely appear in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, the two-part JUSTICE LEAGUE, and then obviously AQUAMAN. Before his solo film is released in 2018, it’s expected that Warners will be making a huge effort to put the character in the public eye after his debut in BATMAN V SUPERMAN.

According to the LR report, there are currently two scripts for AQUAMAN at this stage. Regardless of which script finally gets the green light to go into production for the film, it’s presimed that the movie will be huge when it comes to budget, largely down to the expansive underwater world of Atlantis that will mean the studio basically creating their own world for Aquaman to inhabit.

One particularly interesting part of this latest story is that WB is said to be after Karl Urban to appear in AQUAMAN. So keen are the studio on the actor, they’re literally waiting for STAR TREK 3 to happen and get finished so that they can move forward with Urban in a key role in the tale of the Aquatic Ace. The rumour at this stage is that Urban may be being eyed to play the villain of the film, which could possibly be somebody like Orm or Black Manta. The studio is particularly keen on Urban due to having nearly cast him as Batman at one point, plus Warner Brothers also produced the Urban-starring, not to mention far too short-lived, ALMOST HUMAN TV series for FOX.

There’s also news on who may be in line to direct AQUAMAN, with Noam Murro now in the frame along with Jeff Nichols. Nichols, best known for MUD, is someone who’s been mentioned for the job previously, whilst Murro is said to have impressed the studio with his work on 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE. It also likely helps that Zack Snyder worked on both 300 movies, directing the first and producing the second, and Snyder is an integral figure to the DC Cinematic Universe that Warner Brothers is looking to establish.

As ever, treat all of the above as purely rumour for now, although it has to be said that Latino Review is more often than not on the money with this stuff.


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