News: CHARLES FORT Headed to Big Screen via Robert Zemeckis

Written by Chris Holt Friday, 07 October 2011

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After his aborted motion capture YELLOW SUBMARINE movie and losing his deal with Disney, Robert Zemeckis and his company Imagemovers have now set up a first look deal with Universal Pictures.

The first movie out of this deal seems to be CHARLES FORT, an adaptation of Dark Horse comic ‘FORT: Prophet of the unexplained’ which was a four part series from back in 2002 and is described as a ‘period GHOSTBUSTERS’. Charles Fort himself was a twentieth century paranormal researcher who documented unexplained phenomenon in the books The Book of the Damned (1919) and New Lands (1923). He was the first to explore everything from levitation to alien abduction. The comic version of this character has him tangling with aliens and all sorts of twisted shenanigans in turn of the century New York.

No script writer has been announced yet and it's not known if this will be motion captured and CG animated again. Personally I would love for Robert Zemeckis to get back to traditional film directing, CAST AWAY and WHAT LIES BENEATH were now over ten years ago! Maybe he can ease himself back into it with the long rumoured ROGER RABBIT sequel. What do you think?

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