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It’s often automatic to hear the word reboot and instantly recoil, but when the original movies themselves were so universally accepted as stink-fests, then what’s to lose? Especially when there was so much potential squandered that first time around. There’s no reason why 2001’s LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER or follow-up CRADLE OF LIFE couldn’t have introduced audiences to a strong, exciting new female role model to give Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor a run for their money. The character and rich mythology had already worked wonders for Eidos Interactive in their best-selling videogame series, and comic book spin-offs continue to be produced today. But with sub-par screenplays, terrible casting (Angelina Jolie aside), and lackluster direction, Paramount saw to it that the movie franchise petered out quite quickly.

Eight years on, it’s time to have another crack, with the news that GK Films have hired writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby (IRON MAN; COWBOYS & ALIENS) to pen the screenplay, with the aim to explore the character’s origins.

Fans of the character might be in for a long wait however, with a projected release date of 2013 (plenty of time to have fun with the casting rumours though!) Until then, Croft is getting similar treatment (albeit in pixel form) with a new video game reboot by Crystal Dynamics, due late this year.

Who would you cast as Croft? Excited about the prospect of a new TOMB RAIDER franchise, or couldn’t give a monkeys? Let us know with your comments below!

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