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Written by Kris Heys Wednesday, 05 October 2011

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Fans still upset over the cancellation of the excellent BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD will be happy to know that Warner Bros. Animation have already announced a new Bat title is winging its way to the small screen to take its place.

BEWARE THE BATMAN (gotta dig that title) will hit sometime in 2013 on Cartoon Network, in their newly created DC Nation slot. Other shows in this block include GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (click here for a peak at that), YOUNG JUSTICE, Aardman Animation produced Batman claymation shorts, and the hopefully ironically titled SUPER BEST FRIENDS FOREVER starring Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl. 

Now for some bad news. Like GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, BEWARE THE BATMAN will be rendered through CG animation. Oh, and it features Alfred Pennyworth as his gun-toting sidekick. And there's no Robin. You'll have to make do with Katana instead (who she?!).

As for other changes ahead, Warner Bros. Animation's head honcho Sam Register promises to open up the Batman mythos a lot wider this time out, and utilize some of the more obscure faces in his rogue's gallery, “We went in deeper into the villain library and pulled out some other villains. We didn’t want to do another Joker story — there’s too many of them. We just needed to do something new, so we’re starting off with new villains.” 

So what's this thing going to look like you might well ask. Sorry guys, but this rather cruddy image is the best we could rustle up...

Hmmm. Looks like this news piece has taken a turn for the worst. 

Expect more info on BEWARE THE BATMAN as it drops!

Are you looking forward to BEWARE THE BATMAN? Which lesser-seen villains would you like featured? Share your thoughts in the Comments below or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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