News: Is ‘Chaos Walking’ the Next Young Adult Book Series to Hit Big in Cinemas?

Written by Chris Holt Wednesday, 05 October 2011

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Whilst we all wait for THE HUNGER GAMES with baited breath (I do anyway), Lionsgate has picked up the rights to another series of ‘young adult’ books with a view to adapting them for the big screen. Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking series is not something I am familiar with but the first book is entitled THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO. The synopsis is as follows:

Todd Hewitt lives in a world in which all women are dead, and the thoughts of men and animals are constantly audible as Noise. Graphically represented by a set of scratchy fonts and sentence fragments that run into and over each other, Noise is an oppressive chaos of words, images, and sounds that makes human company exhausting and no thought truly private. But then Todd and his dog, Manchee, notice a silence in the Noise and in order to keep the silence secret from the town leaders, he runs away, and his terrified flight with an army in pursuit makes up the backbone of the plot.

Reviews of the book have compared the overall tone as similar to THE HUNGER GAMES which could be what has peaked Lionsgate’s interest. From the above synopsis it sounds like something very tricky to put on film but that’s never stopped Hollywood before. As we previously reported, Lionsgate are so confident in their HUNGER GAMES films that the second movie is already in production before the first even comes out in March 2012.

If THE HUNGER GAMES hits big expect this project to pick up speed sooner rather than later.

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